Patient Administration System

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Saturday, 14 April 2012 21:51

The Requirement

The practice used manual systems to run the business. A diary was used for patient appointments and patient addresses and accounts were manually typed up.

The customer wanted the six monthly check-up (recall) and the billing of account customers to be fully automated. The computerised system had to be easy-to-use and flexible.

The Process

The recall and accounts processes were flow-charted and discussed with the customer. Each process was fine tuned until the customer was fully happy with them.

The application was then built based on the signed-off flow charts. When the application was near completion a customer demonstration was given and final changes agreed.

The Outcome

The Patient Administration system keeps track of all patients who are due to be recalled each month and patients who pay by account. Address labels and invoices are automatically produced.

The customer was extremely pleased with the system and has seen the benefits of automation. The staff now spend far less time on administration and are able to focus on more important tasks.

"MGC Computer Solutions has provided us with an excellent application that has taken us into the 21st century! Admin tasks have been reduced and we have more control over the business."

"I am very impressed with MGC Computer Solutions in terms of both technical ability and customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others."

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